Savannah Neighborhood

Savannah’s Neighborhoods, Squares and Parks are Rich with History

Savannah is one of the most beautiful and history-filled cities in the United States. As the oldest city in Georgia, Savannah boasts many incredible neighborhoods, parks and squares that offer luxurious mansions and other accommodations perfect for any vacation. Whether you are interested in staying in one of the city’s many historical homes, inviting carriage houses or incredible suites, there are numerous options available in the heart of the city. Savannah’s Historic District offers 18th and 19th century architecture, parks, squares and other green spaces that will make your vacation unforgettable.

Savannah is comprised of six main neighborhoods: the Historic District, Victorian District, Ardsley Park, Gordonston, Thunderbolt and the Islands. The Historic District spans 2.5 square miles and includes many of the city’s picturesque squares. As a one of the most respected and known areas in the United States, Savannah’s Historic District offers several different luxury housing accommodations. From the Wedding Cake mansion to homes in the Washington Square area and suites along Jones Street, you really can’t go wrong by choosing to stay in Savannah’s most popular district.

About Savannah’s Historic District

Attracting millions of visitors every year, Savannah’s Historic District was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1966. One of the largest areas of its kind in the entire United States, the Historic District is both commercial and residential, steeped in history and boasting incredible homes and buildings that can be traced back to the 18th century.

The Historic District is home to the old Colonial Cemetery, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and Old Harbor Light. In addition to these incredible landmarks, there are also numerous squares within the district that offer a beautiful backdrop to any vacation.

Monterey Square

Established in 1847, Monterey Square was named in honor of the Battle of Monterey during the Mexican American War in 1846. Stay near the square’s historical monument honoring Casimir Pulaski, the mortally wounded Polish man who had an integral role in fighting for the United States. Considered the most picturesque of all of Savannah’s squares, Monterey Square is a must-see.

Chippewa Square

Named to commemorate the Battle of Chippewa in the War of 1812, Chippewa Square was constructed in 1815 and is also known as Forrest Gump Square because of a scene in the famous film. The First Baptist Church, Savannah Theatre, and Eastman-Stoddard House all call this square home, and it is the perfect spot if you are looking for a central one-bedroom place to stay.

Wright Square

Established in 1733, Wright Square is home to a monument honoring William Washington Gordon, one of the earliest and most influential mayors of Savannah. It is both the second oldest square in Savannah and the burial site of Tomochichi, the leader of the Creek nation of Native Americans.

Johnson Square 

The first of Savannah’s 24 established squares, Johnson Square serves as the city’s commercial hub. Boasting a monument in honor of General Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War hero and Savannah hero, Johnson Square is the perfect juxtaposition of history and present day bustle.

Washington Square 

Established in 1790, Washington Square was named in honor of George Washington and is located on Houston Street, between Bryan Street and Congress Street. Offering some of the oldest houses in all of Savannah, Washington Square is one of the best locations in the city, especially if you are a history buff. Opt to stay in a luxurious 4 bedroom home built around 1800, or stay in the carriage house if you are looking for a smaller option. 

The numerous Savannah districts, squares, popular streets and historical areas means there really is no bad spot in the city. From larger mansions to one-bedroom suites with a view, you can be sure you will be at the center of everything you want to do by staying in any of the above locations.

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