Tammy Jo Long, Founder and President

How the Wedding Cake Mansion Got On Real Housewives of Atlanta

On Sunday, December 29, the second episode in which the Real Housewives of Atlanta in Savannah aired. The ladies were in Savannah to get away from stressful Atlanta and bond together. Somewhere Luxurious announced that the ladies stayed in the Wedding Cake Mansion, a historic home in the Southeastern United States.

How did the Wedding Cake Mansion get to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta? Although in the show it was indicated that it was NeNe Leakes’ idea that the ladies rent the mansion, the producers of the show (not NeNe)  actually contacted property owner Tammy Jo Long. The producers were looking for a place befitting the housewives, and a few property owners were contacted before the Wedding Cake Mansion was chosen. Keep in mind, that the chosen property had to look as luxurious as possible.

Full story can be at SomewhereLuxurious.com.