Savannah Historic Homes

Why Choose a Savannah Hotel When you can Stay in a Historic Home?

When a special offer drops into your inbox promising a great deal on luxury hotels in Savannah GA, you may be tempted to click and book the deal immediately to get those promised savings. But stop for a moment and think. Does your choice of where to stay in Savannah rest solely on the price?

Clever marketing can suck you into jumping straight into a “bargain” luxury hotel deal, but the pleasure of a stay in Savannah can be greatly enhanced by staying in a beautifully restored historic residence.

Here are a few other things to take into consideration before booking a luxury hotel in Savannah for your well-deserved vacation.

Consider the Location

“Location, location, location” is a familiar quote when it comes to property, but it is even more important when choosing your hard-earned vacation accommodation. Whether you are staying for a long weekend in Savannah or a whole week, you don’t have time to waste catching buses and taxis or searching for parking space every time you want to dine out or explore the Historic District.

Why not choose a luxury vacation rental that has stood on the streets of downtown Savannah since it was first visualized as part of the city’s original Oglethorpe Plan in 1733? Elegant mansions, designer studios and old coach houses can provide luxury accommodation right in the heart of Old Savannah with restaurants, shops and attractions all just a short stroll away.

Service and Amenities in Luxury Vacation Rentals

Perhaps you are lured into booking a five star hotel because you enjoy daily room service and the ability to enjoy cocktails and fine dining without leaving the hotel.

Many of the top historic home rentals can be booked with staff. Whether you want daily maid service or your own personal chef, historic homes such as Luxury Living Savannah’s properties can make all the arrangements for personal service that will far outshine any luxury hotel in the area.

Whether you are planning a family wedding or simply want a massage, you can request hair stylists, makeup artists, masseurs and more to provide all the in-house services you need. This optional service is particularly convenient for weddings and social events as they come to you.

There’s plenty of room when you stay in a historic home in Savannah compared to the limitations of a hotel room or suite. Luxury Living Savannah’s vacation rentals have as many bedrooms as you need, with plenty of bathrooms, dining rooms and lounging areas.

Historic Homes in Savannah Include Your Own Outdoor Space

When you book a luxury historic residence for your stay in Savannah, most properties have their own private outdoor space. Comfortable furnishings are provided on your own private side porch Savannah-style, or in the courtyard garden.

These additional outdoor spaces are perfect for relaxing over a leisurely breakfast, sipping a sundowner, reading a book on a comfortable chair with your feet up or just listening to birdsong. Few luxury hotels in Savannah can offer such tranquil surroundings and private space, which is why luxury vacation rentals are so popular.

Next time you book accommodation for a relaxing vacation in Savannah, look beyond the price. Consider what great value staying in a beautifully furnished, fully serviced, well-located historic home in the heart of the city really is.

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