Historic Savannah, Georgia

Savannah: The Original City of Vacation Home Rentals

Most visitors to Savannah GA already know that it is one of the most historic and best preserved cities in the US. One less well-known fact is that Savannah claims to be the city where vacation home rentals first began establishment.

Back in 1908, the streets of Savannah were preparing to host the very first American Grand Prix. Unfortunately, there was insufficient hotel accommodation for all the expected visitors. Puzzling over the problem, the city council decided to test the limits of the Southern hospitality that Georgia is well-known for by asking residents to open their homes to guests. That was the start of the Savannah vacation home rental business in this popular tourist destination.

Historic Vacation Homes Preserve Savannah’s Heritage

Visitors today fortunately do not have to impose themselves upon Savannah residents when they require vacation home accommodation. Many of the most historic and beautiful homes are now available as vacation rental properties for the thousands of visitors that flock to the city every year.

Staying in a historic home in Savannah is an important part of preserving the city’s heritage and history. Over the last century, many of the city’s loveliest homes and mansions were abandoned and left derelict due to the high cost of maintenance and repairs. Too large to house a modern family, which no longer had need for servant’s quarters and huge dining rooms, these once grand mansions lining the historic squares of Savannah were in danger of being destroyed if they could not be repurposed.

Fortunately, far-sighted visionaries with a love of history and architecture such as Tammy Jo Long stepped in and bought up these declining properties. Many of them still have some original features such as marble fireplaces, stained glass windows, ornamental ironwork, crystal chandeliers and polished pine flooring.

Restoring these Grande Dames to their former glory with meticulous attention to authentic detail and then filling them with period furnishings costs millions of dollars. By choosing to stay in one of these historic vacation homes in Savannah, visitors are contributing to the upkeep and viability of retaining wonderful old properties such as the Wedding Cake Mansion for many decades to come.

Enjoy Home-away-from-Home Comforts

Many discerning visitors appreciate the luxurious furnishings, state-of-the-art electronics, opulent bathrooms and gourmet kitchens that are all part of staying in a historic vacation rental.

Those wanting to be surrounded by beautiful antiques and furnishings, without sacrificing all the comfort and convenience of home, will truly appreciate staying in one of Savannah’s most cherished vacation homes. Most luxury rentals also have their own private outdoor space, either on a typical open side porch or in a charming courtyard.

A Luxury Vacation Home in Savannah Without the Price Tag!

Owning and maintaining a luxury vacation home in Savannah is beyond most people’s budget. However, by renting a restored historic home in Savannah as a vacation rental means that visitors can enjoy all the benefits without having to worry about the upkeep, maintenance and taxes that come with owning such a property.

Enjoy a slice of first-class living, without the huge investment and responsibility of ownership, by renting a luxury vacation rental in Savannah for your next visit. Not only will you save money, but also you will be contributing to the upkeep of maintaining these gorgeous homes for many years to come.

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