Savannah Family Reunions

Planning a Family Reunion? Try Savannah GA

Savannah is a wonderful city if you are looking for a spot to host a family reunion, as it is full of charm, history and a wide range of activities. Considered one of the top destination spots in the South, Savannah is kid-friendly and has numerous activities, restaurants and museums that are sure to impress everyone in your group.

In addition to the picturesque setting and charming Southern atmosphere Savannah is known for, you will also have the opportunity for your entire family to stay at a beautifully renovated home in the city for the duration of your reunion. Luxury Living Savannah has numerous properties throughout the Historic District and along other streets in the city that can accommodate up to 58 guests in total.

There is a Little of Something in Savannah for Everyone

As a popular family reunion destination, Savannah GA provides tons of great things to do for people of every age. The famous Historic District is a perfect place for the history buff or older generations to spend a day or two. There are also numerous motorized tours, walking tours and carriage rides designed to give you and your family a true taste of the city.

The impressive green squares and parks are the perfect spot to gather and picnic while you and your family trade stories and catch up with one another. Additionally, all of the exquisitely renovated homes offer spacious living, dining and mingling quarters that are sure to accommodate your family gatherings and meals.

Here are some of the top attractions in Savannah that help make this quintessential Southern U.S. city the perfect family reunion destination.

Enrich Your Family Reunion with a Visit to the Historic District

No trip to Savannah is complete without spending some time in the city’s Historic District. The natural draw the city has lies in its history, and there is no shortage of entertaining attractions that showcase this. Your family will surely fall in love with the history of Savannah as they experience firsthand the rich cultural arts and museums, or while engaging in the plethora of outdoor activities.

One can simply walk around the district and soak up the history on their own, or catch a carriage ride or hop on the trolley for a guided experience. There are also ghost tours, murder mystery cruises and a restaurant tour that will take you to seven high-quality eateries, including Paula Deen’s restaurant. A must-try restaurant is the Pirate’s House Restaurant, which has been in business since 1753.

Additionally, the Historic District will appeal to anyone interested in many different periods of time, including the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War, civil rights history, Southern U.S. history and American history. The architecture is one of the biggest draws, as well as the botany and impressive arts community. Needless to say, you could spend your entire reunion soaking up all the history and beauty that Savannah’s Historic District has to offer!

Forts Offer Great Views and an Extra Glimpse of the City’s History

Another reason why Savannah is an ideal location for a family reunion are all the historic, impressive forts to explore and investigate on tours. From Fort Pulaski National Monument on Tybee Island to the national parks featuring Fort McAllister and Old Fort Jackson, these scenic pieces of Savannah’s history will give your family something to go “ooh” and “ahh” at!

Satisfy Your Family’s Appetites with Savannah’s Dining and Nightlife

Whether your family likes to go and experience a city’s nightlife together, or if you are looking to plan a nice dinner out, Savannah won’t disappoint. Its music scene is similar to that of New Orleans, so you will find plenty of inviting lounges, fun bars, swanky nightclubs and cocktail spots perfect for a family night out on the town.

Savannah is also well-known for its dining options, from places offering mouth-watering local fare to upscale spots perfect for large groups. There are also several riverboat cruises that can accommodate your family’s needs as you cruise down the Savannah River and dine on signature dishes, such as River Queen Seafood Au Gratin.

Before you book your next family reunion, be sure to look into Savannah GA! The city is full of charm, steeped in history and offers endless opportunities for entertainment.

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