Bonaventure Cemetery, Statue of Woman, Savannah, Georgia

Top 5 Savannah GA Ghost Tours for Fans of the Paranormal

Savannah is known for many things, from its charm to its stunning historical buildings and beautiful green squares. Something else the Southern city prides itself on? Ghost tours.

There are many different types of guided Savannah tours that will allow visitors to get a true taste of the city and a good history lesson at the same time, but the ghost tours set themselves apart from the rest. Considered to be one of the most haunted cities in America, Savannah is overflowing with guided ghost tours, and each one offers something unique and memorable. Because there are so many Savannah ghost tours to choose from, it may be helpful to look at what each one offers in order to get a better idea of which will suit your needs.

So, which tours are appropriate for children and seniors? Which are the scariest? Which will take you to some of Savannah’s haunted pubs? We answer these questions and more as we give you a short overview of what to expect from Savannah’s top five ghost tours.

Blue Orb Ghost Tours

Considered to be one of the best and scariest ghost tours in Savannah, Blue Orb guides you through chilling, haunted locations in both the Historic District and throughout the city. There are several different options provided through Blue Orb: a 90-minute nightly walking tour where guests visit haunted locations, such as Colonial Park Cemetery; a two-hour uncensored Zombies Tour geared at guests 18 and older; and the Savannah Shadows Book Tour, a two-hour tour help on Thursday nights that explores locations from Blue Orb-owner Tobias McGriff’s similarly named book.

Shannon Scott Journeys

Shannon Scott is well-known throughout Savannah as an expert on the infamous Bonaventure Cemetery, making her guided tour a must. She offers a day tour and a unique after-hours tour, which will give guests the opportunity to explore the cemetery behind closed gates. In addition to the bone-chilling tours of the cemetery, Scott also offers a Paranormalist Tour, which is a customized haunted tour of Savannah.

Sixth Sense Savannah

Another popular tour, Sixth Sense Savannah has been in business since 1995 and offers several chilling tours. They mostly cover Savannah’s haunted Historic District, including both a family-friendly option and a scarier option for tourists ages 18 and older. Both tours run two hours and are walking tours, spanning about half a mile. Sixth Sense also offers a guided tour of Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery.

Southern Strolls Walking Tours

Southern Strolls Walking Tours is both popular and affordable, and will give you a taste of the city’s haunted past. This guided tour is held two or three times each night Monday through Saturday and includes entertaining ghost stories, anecdotes about Savannah’s storied history and stops at some of the most haunted spots in the Historic District.

Hearse Ghost Tours

While Savannah offers roughly two dozen ghost tours, only one carts guests around the city in an actual hearse. Each hearse used has been in service for at least 15 years and offers the perfect transportation if you are really looking to get into the spooky spirit. Tricked out and converted into an open-air vehicle completes with a top canopy, this tour runs about an hour-and-a-half and takes guests past cemeteries and haunted buildings.

If a ghost tour is on your to-do list when visiting Savannah, you will find no shortage of options. The city’s haunted past and buildings full of history make a ghost tour a must for first-time and seasoned Savannah visitors alike.

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