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Established in 1733, Savannah is the most historically rich city in the state of Georgia.  Attracting millions of visitors annually, Savannah radiates a constant outflow of culture and is always happy to show their visitors a fun time.  One of the best ways to experience everything Savannah has to offer is through the many organized tours.

Scattered with numerous mediums of entertainment, this city has a multitude of museums, water activities, nature and architecture inspired tours and pub crawls to delight every visitor on their Savannah vacation.

East Coast Paddle Boarding

Learn to stand up paddle boat! Grasp a firm understanding of paddling among flat water as a beginner and introduce yourself to the various equipment and paddling techniques. This class will work on skills such as carry equipment, stance, balance, strokes and water safety. Priced at $80 for two hours of fun, with a complimentary rental of the board afterwards, paddle boarding is a worthwhile experience.  Private lessons also available at

Compass Sailing

Join the crew of a 38′ classic Morgan sailing yacht, “Zingara”.  Relax beside the Atlantic breeze on deck, or take the helm under the supervision of Captain Steve.  The infinite views of Savannah’s salt marshes and the Atlantic Ocean are breath taking. Boarding passengers at Bull River Marina, between Savannah and Tybee Island, charters are personal and private for your group, family or clients.  A half day of having the “Zingara” chartered with Captain and crew included is $395, or a full 7 hour day for $595. Soft drinks are provided and you can bring your own cooler and picnic basket with any special preferences.

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Old Town Trolley Tours

Touring the best of Savannah since 1992, Old Town Trolley Tours is a delightful experience with 16 stops about more than 100 points of interest along the way.  Displaying the largest trolley fleet in Savannah, Old Town is also the only company to be endorsed by the Historic Savannah Foundation.  At $31 per adult, and with a 100% money back guarantee, complimentary discounts to where the trolley halts, and unlimited boarding and reboarding. Old Town Trolley Tours is a great way to see Savannah.

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Isaiah Davenport House Museum

Built in 1820, the Isaiah Davenport House has had regular upkeep since purchase by the Historic Savannah Foundation in 1963.  Constructed by Davenport for his growing family and crew, including his wife, children and slaves.  The building has been “re-restored” with time period furniture and décor appropriate to the passing of Davenport himself.

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The Beer Growler Pub Crawl

For a onetime fee of $4.99, have your choice of a 32oz or 64oz growler mug with the choice also, of Beer, Cider or Soda.  Once the growler has been purchased by the customer, they are free to take the growler wherever they like.  Due to Savannah being one of only three cities in the country with an open container law, you may drink your Growler wherever you choose to enjoy it.  And once they have, if they complete their mugful, they are free to return to any of the six locations located in the South East for a refill.

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