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How to Choose the Perfect Savannah Honeymoon Vacation Rental

A honeymoon is the ultimate romantic vacation. It should be all about unwinding after the emotionally exhausting wedding preparations, and taking time to enjoy the company of your new spouse. Your honeymoon should also be totally memorable for all the right reasons.

Choosing the perfect place for you from the many honeymoon vacation rentals available can be a bewildering process. Allow us to narrow down the choice by focusing on what a perfect honeymoon rental should definitely include, and why Savannah GA is the right place for one.

Privacy is Not Just Beneficial – It’s What You Deserve

Your honeymoon is a time for just two people in love. Family and friends will have shared your special day with you and then drifted back to their everyday lives, leaving the bride and groom to enjoy a very special time in private.

Privacy means no hotel maids knocking on your door to clean your room, no regulated breakfast hours and no rowdy neighbors in the adjoining room. That’s the beauty of choosing a luxury vacation rental for your honeymoon in Savannah – your time is completely your own, and there will be no-one intruding on your total privacy.

Honeymoon Vacation Rentals Provide Extra Special Surroundings

Honeymoons are all about creating memories as you enjoy your first days as a married couple. You want and deserve more than a hotel, so go ahead and splurge on a five star luxury property rental in Savannah to feel truly special and pampered.

If the cost is a concern, why not add the payments for your honeymoon to your wedding gift registry? You can break it down into manageable chunks for family and friends to pay for one or two nights’ accommodation, flights, a romantic meal or even a carriage ride around the Historic District of Savannah. You’ll be amazed at how surrounding yourself with luxury antique furnishings, beautiful window dressings and the ultimate kitchen in a wonderfully historic property will add to the pleasure of your honeymoon.

Perhaps you dream of sleeping in a four-poster bed, soaking in a Jacuzzi tub or even basking in the glow of a real fireplace! You’ll find honeymoon vacation rentals in Savannah that can provide all these extra touches and more besides. The properties owned by Luxury Living Savannah create a sense of history, which can be the perfect atmosphere as you start your own life history together as a married couple.

There is Great Food to Taste on a Savannah Honeymoon

Although honeymoon vacation rentals are well-equipped for preparing breakfast, brunch or even a midnight snack, not many honeymooners will want to worry about the practicalities of shopping and cooking. Savannah has an excellent reputation as a gourmet destination, with many intimate restaurants serving exquisite food in a cozy ambience.

Choose a vacation rental for your honeymoon that is within easy strolling distance of Savannah’s Historic District and you will have plenty of wonderful restaurants and bistros to choose from.

Things to Do on a Savannah Honeymoon

The great thing about choosing a honeymoon in Savannah is that there is so much to see and do at any time of the year. Take a tour of the historic district or stroll around hand-in-hand enjoying the beautiful tree-lined squares and historic architecture. Browse the shops for silly trinkets to remember your stay, or take a boat trip along the Savannah River for a relaxing trip. You can even spend the day on the beach at nearby Tybee Island. Catch the local bus or rent bicycles and make this a fun day out.

Above all, enjoy each other’s company each day using your honeymoon vacation rental as a base for taking trips out or doing absolutely nothing at all.

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