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Three Tips to Help Your Corporate Retreat Planning Go Smoothly

Corporate retreat planning can be stressful, as you are in charge of planning a much-needed getaway for a group of people who are depending on you. Finding the perfect combination of a professional space and location that will actually feel like a mini vacation can be difficult, which is where Luxury Living Properties comes in.

Located throughout the charming city of Savannah, we have beautifully remodeled and restored a handful of historic mansions that would be perfect for your company retreat. Each individual house offers eclectic amenities and its own style that is sure to win your employees and co-workers over. Nestled in the historic district of Savannah, all of our properties have large rooms with picturesque views, spacious living spaces perfect for chatting amongst yourselves and rooms that are ideal for business meetings.

Our Savannah locations can accommodate up to 93 guests, allowing you to plan for any size of group. Since corporate retreat planning is a pressure-filled experience for many, it is important for you to look for options that will allow you to relax once you arrive, yet still be able to get the work you need to do done. 

Taking the time for a corporate retreat is a great way to keep your employees focused and set the tone for whichever project you are working on at the time. Since the key to a successful company are happy employees, we thought it would be helpful to look at some helpful tips for planning a corporate retreat successfully, especially if you are considering Savannah as your destination spot.

Trick #1: Know Your Goal

Perhaps the most important rule to keep in mind when in charge of corporate retreat planning is to know your goal. Your retreat should have a business purpose while also providing an opportunity for your employees to feel appreciated and relaxed. If appropriate, you could also invite a handful of customers. Choose a location with plenty of room and opportunity for personal space without giving everyone too much room to roam.

Trick #2: Develop an Interactive Program

Be sure to have an exciting interactive program planned to ensure your retreat runs smoothly and doesn’t bore your employees to tears! It is important to strike a balance between work and play, and stick close to your set agenda. 

Trick #3: It’s all about the Venue

Lastly, it is wildly important for you to choose a venue that will provide you with everything you need. Select a venue that offers comfortable accommodations, excellent service and a space that you can use a conference room.

Corporate retreat planning is a duty may make you feel under pressure, but as long as you have a game plan, choose the right venue and schedule the perfect amount of work and play, you are sure to be successful.

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