Sightseeing in Savannah GA

Sightseeing in Savannah: The Top Five Tours to Take While Visiting

Savannah is a charming city that boasts beautiful architecture, picturesque city squares, breathtaking tree-lined roads and more. When traveling to this southern gem, you want to make sure you are seeing all it has to offer.

Sightseeing in Savannah is a favorite amongst many and is a great way to experience all the city has to offer. The city’s historic district is one of the most incredible and vast, making it a far better idea to experience via one of the many guided tours.

A city so rich in history and full of stories can only truly be seen through eyes guided by those who know the history inside and out, which is why we have compiled a list of the best tours for sightseeing in Savannah. Regardless of the time of year, Savannah breaths beauty, charm and history like nowhere else. From tours for the history buff to Paula Deen’s famous guided experience, there are plenty of options for sightseeing in Savannah that will give you a true taste of the city.

#1: Savannah Historic Trolley Tour

The historic on/off trolley tour is one of the most popular in Savannah, and for good reason. With a widespread historic district with a story to tell on every corner, it would be impossible to see everything there is without this guided tour.

You will be taken to 14 different attractions and will be able to get off the trolley at each one to explore at your leisure. This is a wonderful option for those vacationers who are looking to experience Savannah at their own pace, but with a little guidance from time to time.

#2: Savannah Foody Tour

Savannah is known for its cuisine, which is what makes this sightseeing experience so awesome. You will visit seven of the most popular and well-renowned restaurants in Savannah, allowing you to get a true taste of the collard greens, fried chicken and other southern staples. This is the perfect tour for the food lover in your group. 

#3: Savannah Martini Tour

A great option if you are interested in seeing what Savannah’s night life is all about, the martini tour will leave you with fun, little known facts and legends about famous celebrity visits. 

#4: Savannah Movie Sites Tour

Savannah has served as the backdrop to more than 85 movies, all of which have been filmed at various locations throughout the city. This popular tour will give the movie buff a look at the best locations in the city that were featured in popular movies. Check out the bench where Tom Hanks as seated during that famous scene in “Forrest Gump”, and many, many others.

#5: Savannah Experience: Tour of the Historic and Victorian Districts

This is perhaps the best sightseeing in Savannah experience if you are looking for a general overview of two of the city’s most popular districts. You will be taken through Thomas Square, the Beach Institute, Victory Drive, the Victorian District, and the Historic District and will get a detailed look at city’s 250 years of history.

Sightseeing in Savannah is never dull and is never complete in a single day. With a wide array of tours that are sure to fit the interests of everyone in your group, you could spend all day, every day just cruising around the city on a guided trolley!

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